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Linda’s Soda Bar & Grill
Phone: (530) 673-8140
Address: 668 Plumas St,
Yuba City, CA 95991

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Linda's Soda Bar and GrillLinda’s Soda Bar and Grill

Linda is the owner of Linda’s Soda Bar and Grill in Yuba City, where she has worked for 19 years. Business has boomed since buying the eatery six years. So much so that she is expanding to include the space next door to her restaurant.

Linda is taking a real chance giving up her recipe by opening a restaurant, because there could be someone who might want to “borrow” her formula.

Son Ray, in fact, was not too thrilled with the idea of sharing the recipe before the big contest.But mom won out, saying she wanted to share her recipe with the community.

“I know someone might take advantage of this, but I believe in our community, and I am betting they will use their own recipes in the cook-off,” Linda said.